Key Features

  • Leatherette fabric for easy wipe cleaning
  • Adjustable handlebar 3 positions to suit the parent
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Seat pad with a 5 point safety harness
  • Reversible seat with a patented “carrycot inside” system
  • Highly resistant removable wheels, with sports shoe technology so they never deflate
  • Front wheels with 360º swivel and wheel block. Rear wheels feature a simple break system that is easily executed by the foot
  • Three seat recline angles
  • Two height settings to adjust the seat or carrycot
  • 2 baskets with magnetic lids

mima xari key features 296x300 Key Features


  • Suitable for use from birth up to 17kg / 37.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 87 x 61cm / 34.2 x 24”
  • Chassis weight: 9.2kg / 20.3lbs
  • Weight of carrycot with mattress: 2.36kg / 5.2lbs
  • Weight of chassis and carrycot: 11.7kg / 26lbs
  • Weight of chassis with seat: 13.4kg / 29.5lbs

What’s Included

what is included 300x288 Whats Included

Brake System

Press downwards on the flip-flop friendly brake to engage. Press downwards again to release.

mima xari brake 540px 300x200 Brake System


The patented mima ”carrycot inside” system means that xari can be used either as a carrycot or as a pushchair. The innovative system means that, when not in use, the carrycot is stored inside the seat unit itself. Aided by the cleverly concealed zips, the transformation from carrycot to seat and vice versa takes as little as 15 seconds.

mima carrycot inside 2 opción web 540px Esp 188x300 FUNCTIONALITY AND INNOVATION

Two lidded baskets

Two lidded baskets with magnetic lids offer storage and keep items neatly out of sight. With the included canopy rain cover, xari provides everything needed to accompany you all the way.

mima xari two lidded baskets 300x295 Two lidded baskets


Highly resistant removable wheels, with sports shoe technology so they never deflate. The front wheels feature a 360º swivel and wheel block. The rear wheels feature a simple break system that is easily executed by the foot.

mima xari wheels 300x288 Wheels

Rain Cover xari

The mima rain cover helps to protect your little one from the elements on wet and windy days.

mima xari single rain cover 2 300x214 Rain Cover xari


Easily switch from the carrycot to the seat unit once your baby is 6 months old or can sit unaided.

evolving with you 300x288 EVOLVING WITH YOU


The compact xari pushchair folds down with a simple press of a button and lift of a lever. Remove the wheels if you need the pushchair to occupy even less space. To unfold simply lift the handlebar and take 2 steps back – xari rights itself with ease, even when using just one hand. May fold with the seat unit attached, when it is in the upright position and facing forwards.

mima xari folding 246x300 SIMPLE FOLD


The innovative choice of materials and the carefully designed details give kobi a unique look that breathes elegance. EVA covered in leather-look polyurethane means that the pushchairs are lightweight, resistant, breathable and easy to clean. Its unique finish bestows an ultra-contemporary feel and also boasts unique barrier properties that make it ultra hygienic, meaning it is ideal to be used on a daily basis.

mima EVA material 11 300x151 EVA MATERIAL


mima xari angle seat positions 246x300 THREE RECLINE POSITIONS


The reversible seat means that baby can face the parent as well as face forwards and discover the world. The triple layered, fan-style canopy offers partial, minimal or total shade. 2 height positions; an elevated ride or a lower, more conventional position.

mima xari facing modes 540px 1 206x300 DISCOVER THE WORLD


mima xari 2 height settings 540px 1 300x190 2 HEIGHT SETTINGS


Compatible with:

BeSafe iZi Go
Bebe Confort Pebble
Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix
Cybex Aton

mima kobi xari adapter kit 576x5761 300x300 CAR SEAT ADAPTER KIT

winter outfit

Protect your little one with a three-part cover made to fit snugly over the seat pod and carrycot unit.
Contains: canopy cover, fur trim, transparent wind protector, footmuff and handmuff.

mima kobi xari winter outfit camel 576x576 300x300 winter outfit


To attach the mima parasol or cup holder to the buggy.

mima kobi xari accesory clip 576x576 300x300 CLIP


Soft reducer cushion that supports baby’s head, protects the back and keeps them in the correct position. Reversible with different fabrics: one side for winter and one side for summer.
Available in beige.

moon baby headrest 300x199 BABY HEADREST


Ideal for transporting and keeping both child and parents’ drinks within reach.

mima kobi xari cup holder 576x576 300x300 CUP HOLDER


This stylish and practical changing bag comes with inside pockets, an isothermal bottle holder, a changing mat and a dirty nappy holder. Available in four colours: black, chocolate, camel and Snow White.

mima kobi xari trendy bag camel 576x5761 300x300 TRENDY CHANGING BAG


Add a splash of extra colour to xari and kobi.

comfort kit2 300x300 COMFORT KIT


It is essential to protect your baby on sunny days.

The mima parasol comes complete with repositionable arm and UV protection.

Suitable for both xari and kobi.



The mosquito net protects your baby from insects while maintaining perfect ventilation and without reducing visibility. Easily attached to the seat.

mima xari mosquito net 576x576 300x300 INDIVIDUAL MOSQUITONET


With soft wool on the inside to keep the baby warm. The updated design is five centimetres longer and includes velcro at the rear for easy installation.


mima kobi xari footmuff camel 576x576 300x300 FOOTMUFF


A soft blanket to project your baby on cooler days. Available in black or beige.

mima kobi xari blanket stone white 576x576 300x300 BLANKET




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